My name is Amanda and I'm a college student majoring in Biology and I live in Monterey, California. It is my dream to one day be one of the scientist experts that the Discovery channel interviews for a special. I was looking through the ocean tag and decided that it was too full of hipster pictures instead of the beautiful ocean. This blog came to be to rectify that situation.

Baleines (by Réunion Underwater Photography)


The “animapocalypse” continues, as a number of dead dolphins and sea lions have been found dead on the beaches of northern Peru.

According to local reports, the body of at least three dolphins washed up on Puerto Eten beach last week, and those of eight sea lions were found along various nearby beaches over the last two weeks.

Francisco Ñiquen, head of Lambayeque’s Fishermens Association, believes the dolphins are dying due to “the sound waves that are being generated by a company in the maritime boundary of La Libertad and Lambayeque.”

The sea lions, he believes are being killed by local fisherman because their large population makes it harder for them to fish. Fishermen have reportedly poisoned sea lions in the past, though authorities are still investigating the matter.

In January, the Sea Institute of Peru reported the bodies of 12 dolphins, 35 sea lions, and 13 pelicans had been found dead along the shores of San Jose, Lambayeque. The government claimed it confirmed all the animals died from natural causes.


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wisps by Jeffrey W Ackley

Great white shark rising (by George Probst)


a giant superpod of over a thousand dolphins

Wild and free, say no to captivity!

Giant Cuttle Fish by billunder on Flickr.

urchin by Coppertane


Chromodoris Coi Nudi - Raja Ampat - April 2013 by Ludovic

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Grey whale by WWF International on Flickr.


Galapagos sea lions by Mauricio Handler

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